why invest?

Internationally recognized as prime destination, Portugal has been gaining prominence regarding to foreign investment. There are several factors that make our country attractive to live in and favourable to new business opportunities.

stable and democratic country, eu member

sonsidered by the global peace index (gpi) the 5th safest country in the world

elected in the forbes top 20 as the best country for business

low cost of living

tradition and modernity

education system consolidated by schools and universities with notoriety in international rankings

art, culture & gastronomy

excellent infrastructure (physical and digital)

new tax incentives and financial support for urban rehabilitation

very favourable conditions for the development of tourist activity

37 awards (30% of the total) at the World Travel Awards in 2017, including the best european destination in 2017

7th in the world ranking for investing in real estate

considered by several countries as europe’s silicon valley

reality favourable to the realization of new business opportunities


Considered as one of the greatest centers of inovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. Portugal is an infinite universe of possibilities. To know more about your best investment, contact us by signing up below.

the perfect investment


Welcoming people, with a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Feel free in Portugal.


Portugal has a qualified, stable and high-quality health care system. Prices are quite affordable.


There is a wide variety of public and private schools, from pre-school to higher education.

Portugal welcomes and encourages families with 3 or more children, as well as international students.

Some of the higher education institutions are ranked among the top 50 in the word.


People who like fashion, contemporary and charming places are that you will find in Portugal. Visit us and see for yourself.


Magnificent beaches along an irresistible coastline.

Sun and beaches in Portugal are an excellent promise of healthy living and pure entertainment.

Extensive 850 kilometers of beaches and clear water bays await you.


Eight centuries as a nation. Visit our castle, palaces, convents, sqares and centers in countless historic cities and learn more about in the Portugal's place in the word.


The weather in Portugal is excellent! Considered the most pleasant in all of Europe, it is generally described as maritime temperate.


It's easy to ind first-class restaurants across the country, with one ane two stars in the Michelin Guide.


Portugal is proud to organize international competitions, such as the successful 2004 UEFA Championship or the 2006 UEFA European Under-21 Championship.

Some famous sportsmen in the world of football: José Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Figo and Eusébio, historical figure, from Benfica and Portugal.


Leisure in Portugal is also made of culture and history, with thirteen sites distinguished by UNESCO as World Heritage, along with museums and historic monuments.

Fado, the traditional Portuguese song, was recently recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the World.


Portugal has been distinguishing itself among the various countries, with high leadership positions, of which Durão Barroso as President of the European Commission (from 2004 to 2014) and António uterres, as current Secretary-eneral of the Organization of Nations United.